Austin Texas

Springtime in Austin

Friday Night

04 Apr 2014
Watershed Market

Watershed Market HTX

Had a great time hanging out at the Market this past weekend.

27 Mar 2014

Driving Miss. Lilly

My little photoventurer pall.

22 Mar 2014
kilgore trout

Literary Hero Hardware and Lumber

Kilgore Trout.

21 Mar 2014


Pronounced Waterburger.

20 Mar 2014
Self Portrait: Bathroom

Self Portrait: Bathroom Mirror

Tuesday Morning.

19 Mar 2014
My Stuff

Computer. Phone. Bag

My belongings in different settings.

18 Mar 2014
greetings from houston


Sent some Paxette photos out as Postcards today. Hopefully they find their way.

17 Mar 2014

Life in League City: The Weekend

Self portrait, the house, Shipley’s, and greenery. What more is there?

16 Mar 2014
First rangefinder film

Film Is Not Dead

The first roll of film is back from the Paxette and I need to work on my focusing, but man is it fun.

12 Mar 2014
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