My First Rangefinder

My friend’s father found this old Paxette at an auction and gave it to me. It took some time but I finally pulled it out and loaded my first roll of film.

05 Mar 2014
League City Photographer

Kelly. Hudson. Matt

These guys moved in to their new house recently and let me take some snaps of them playing in their front yard. Swing included.

21 Feb 2014

The End of Era

This was one of the last photos I ever took behind the scenes with Founding Fathers. Lead man waits to check out the new music video they have been working on.

24 Jan 2014
kemah family phots

Meet Hunter, Toni, and Zachary

They let me take their pictures today and I love them.

13 Jan 2014

Somewhere Close to The Heights

Two of the first things I learned about Houston. 1. Montrose is the place to be for the artsy type. 2. The Heights is also a really nice place to be.

10 Jan 2014
catalina coffee

Catalina Coffee

Monday I dropped D off at his first day of work and proceeded to spend the rest of my day in downtown Houston wandering from place to place in search of warmth and somewhere to plug my compy in. Catalina Coffee was my first stop upon D’s recommendation. It was about three blocks from where

09 Jan 2014
Houston music photography

First shows in Houston

The first row is from Fitzgerald’s, went to catch a friend’s of a friend’s band and was told it was “doom metal”. Which it was. Turns out I like doom metal, especially ¬†when it is space doom metal. Check the band, From Beyond out at their Bandcamp site Second row is from New Years

06 Jan 2014

New Backyard

In Texas Lil’s has a doggie door which allows her to say goodbye from the back yard when I have to leave. She is really good with the puppy eyes.

04 Jan 2014
D and his morning work

Breakfast in the Office

This is D. He isn’t fond of this photo. He says it makes him look like a slob. He completely ignores that before breakfast, from the table, in his robe he gets more work done than most people do before lunch.

02 Jan 2014
Tyson and Lilly

Tyson and Lilly

Lilly and I moved to Texas and we had to leave her best friend Tyson with his Mom and Dad. T was very helpful packing for the big move.

31 Dec 2013
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